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A colleague of mine overseas first turned me onto the idea of sharing a bit of my life through a bulletin board in my classroom. Connecting to students beyond the classroom is one of the most effective ways we can connect to them inside the classroom. But it’s not always easy to get those deep level conversations started. 

That’s why I designed this simple template for an “About Me” bulletin board. When you collect a few favorite photos and put them up using some or all of these categories, you’ll give students a chance to see what you have in common.

Maybe they share your love of horses or baking. Maybe they have a golden retriever, just like you. Maybe you’ve both been to Iceland. Sharing a little of your life and family in a place where your students see it every day will give them a chance to ask you a question or make a comment to you about something other than your curriculum.

It could be just the point of connection you need to grow a strong relationship with a student who needs you.

When you sign up to receive my Friday e-mails about all things creative English, I’ll send you this fun printable template and you can get started collecting photos right away! 

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