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If you’re struggling to reach your students in this strange winter, you’re not alone. Teachers around the world are watching sadly as kids turn their videos off, ignore assignments, and drift away. 

But there are creative digital strategies that can help reboot your blended learning for 2021. Whether your kids are in person and socially distanced, coming in a few days a week, or entirely online, these options can help you light up engagement online. 

This holiday break, I’ll be sharing five ready-to-use resources, alongside quick videos to show you how to use them and make more of your own, in a fun (and free) digital mini-camp. These are the types of resources I make and share all the time with the hundreds of teachers I’m working with inside my membership, The Lighthouse. 

When you sign up, I’ll be sending you a new resource and video each day. At the end of the week, I’ll invite you to take the next step with me as I open the doors to The Lighthouse for the second time. There’s no pressure. You’re free to enjoy the camp and stop there. But if you love the help you find inside Camp Creative, you’ll have the option to continue that level of support all year inside The Lighthouse. 

Here’s what’s waiting for you when camp begins: 

Day One: Digital Poetry

On day one, you’ll get a brand-new edition of my super popular digital poetry tiles (school-themed), alongside a video showing you how to make your own.


Day Two: Digital Stations

On day two, we’ll dive into how to create digital stations, and I’ll share stations you can use to help your students edit their own papers. From there, you can begin to make your own for any unit.

Day Three: Hexagonal Thinking

Enough struggling through laborious online discussion, hexagonal thinking can make all the difference. I’m getting a solid stream of feedback from teachers who have started using it about how highly engaged their students are when they use this strategy. On day three, I’ll share my digital hexagonal thinking toolkit, along with a video showing you how to use it. 

Day Four: Silent Discussions

On day four, we’ll explore another great fix for awkward online discussion – silent discussion. I’ll share my popular silent discussion templates in Google Slides and show you how they work and how to make more of your own, personalized to your own needs. 

Day Five: Digital Stickers

On day five, we’ll wrap up with a fun tour inside Canva, my favorite digital platform. I’ll teach you to make digital stickers you can send to students or drop onto their digital work, and send you a pack of fun ones you can start using right away. 

Are you as excited as I am? Sign up below! 

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