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301: The Easiest Last Day in ELA
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In this episode I’m sharing a variety of ways you can get out of your classroom without actually leaving your school for a full-on, budget-destroying field trip. Whether you’re teaching in a crowded classroom or you and your students just need to break up the rut, try one of these to get some relief.

If you’d like to read ALL about the ideas discussed in this podcast, check out the full blog post.

If you’re just looking for the links I mentioned in the show, here they are!

The Computer Lab
In this section, I mentioned a list of my favorite online writing contests. You can check it out here.

The Art Studio
In this section, I talked about sketchnotes, a strategy I love! Read more about it:
Sketchnotes: Paper Prep that’s Fun
10 Creative Ways to Use Sketchnotes in your Classroom

Thanks so much for listening. If you’re not there already, I can’t wait to meet you inside our Creative High School English Facebook group.

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