Expect Unexpected Engagement When you try Hexagonal Thinking in ELA


301: The Easiest Last Day in ELA
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Want to get started with hexagonal thinking quickly and easily?

Hexagonal thinking is SUCH a fun way to get kids using their critical thinking skills. You can have students try it alone, with a partner, or with a small group. The steps are simple.

This free digital toolkit lets you quickly build your hexagonal thinking deck inside the editable templates, show students examples to help them understand the concepts, and then either print your hexagons or complete the activity digitally. Everything is included to get you started with this engaging discussion strategy right away.

Pop your name and email in below so I know where to send your toolkit! You’ll be invited to make a copy of the editable slide deck into your own Google Drive, and you can take it from there. You’ll also join a community of 50,000 creative teachers who currently get my weekly emails full of classroom ideas and resources.

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