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Helping Spark Hope
A pilot program

Hey there, Creative Teacher,

Are you teaching in an area that is SUPER challenging? It’s hard to define, but my guess is you know if you are. If you’re working with a very high percentage of recent immigrants, low-income students whose families are struggling to get by, foster children, students who are in a detention center, or other group of exceptionally high-need kids, I’d really like to help.

I know you need all your classroom budget to get the books and materials your students need. I know you are already spending tons of your free time trying to help them access the services they need and make your classroom a safe space for them. I know you’re already bearing a big emotional load trying to be there for them every day.

You are bringing hope and creativity into your students’ lives, and I admire that so much.

Maybe I can help with curriculum. I am still figuring out the details of this pilot program, but I want to make your journey easier for you, and you can help me find ways to do that.

To start, please e-mail me at betsy@nowsparkcreativity.com to apply. Simply say hello and answer two questions.

What makes your school a particularly high needs one?
What could you do with the extra time if you had a source of free creative curriculum?’

If you are accepted, I’ll email you the access point into the program and begin sharing my TPT resources and selected articles and podcasts I think will help you the most. I’ll be hoping to get your thoughts along the way of how I can best support you.

Just to be clear, I know basically every teacher in the world works with some students who are struggling. This program I am now creating is to provide my TPT materials free of charge to teachers in uniquely challenging situations.

If you teach private school, public school in a reasonably well-resourced distract, or have less than 50% of students who are really in difficult straits, this program is not for you. Of course I want to support you! And that’s why I send out my Friday e-mails full of ideas, record my podcast, write blog posts, and post plenty of free curriculum.

I look forward to hearing about your school and your journey.

Take care,
Betsy (from Spark Creativity)

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