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Welcome to The Lighthouse

I love it here. It’s a place of possibility, creativity, and encouragement.   

As a Lighthouse member, you gain access to monthly-themed creative curriculum and the support and community that will help you put it into place with pizzazz. 

Our members help choose our topics as we go. So far we’ve explored one-pagers, student podcasting, discussion methods, literature circles, choice reading, and much more. 

Take a peek around and see if The Lighthouse is the respite in the storm you’ve been looking for.


We make it easy. Because The Lighthouse is housed in its own website, a few minutes of exploration will show you where everything is. I want you to be able to find units and plans right when you need them, right where you expect them.

We revel in delightful sub plans, so you never have to worry about what to leave behind when the unexpected happens.

We don’t go it alone. Our supportive community on Facebook will help you celebrate your wins and troubleshoot your problems. When you have a question, just ask! Sometimes, GIFS are the best medicine. 

We enjoy beautiful surprises. I love to roll out unexpected surprises to make you smile, whether it’s a surprise curriculum set, a pizza delivered to your door if you win a little community contest, or unexpected access to the latest programs and tools I’m creating.


As a member of The Lighthouse, you’ll have your own unique login to gain entry to our curriculum site. Inside, you’ll find our monthly curriculum, our sub plans library, our bonuses, and a quick and easy link out to our community. As long as you remain a member, you’ve got access. If the time comes when you need to leave, just be sure you’ve uploaded the PDFs you want and made copies of the Google Drive files that you love. 


All-inclusive annual membership is open now, giving you access to all the creative curriculum that’s been stacking up since September of 2020, plus everything that’s coming next! Discover more through the link below, or sign up for the waitlist and be the first to know when monthly membership re-opens. 


What is saving me is listening to you very early on and planning lessons that can be taught in all formats - my students and I are able to truck right along!

The best thing is that I learned how to truly flip my classroom and that (again!) I listened to you and offered choice after choice. My students are very happy with the curriculum in general. I’ll never go back to my old ways!


Betsy's resources have far exceeded my expectations; they are where I go first when I am trying to decide what I am going to do with my units for my honors sophomore English classes. She has helped me notice where I can tweak a traditional lesson to make it more student-friendly.


You are amazing. Sincere thanks for creating The Lighthouse, Betsy. It really is lighting the way for me this year. It’s my first year teaching freshmen and juniors, and only my second year in high school. Before that, I taught middle school. I am reading the books and creating lesson plans as I go. I am so, so grateful for your help and for these beautiful resources!

Is it feeling right to you?

I’d love to work with you, if you feel pulled to this opportunity. 

If not, I’m happy to support you in all the other ways you’ll discover on this site!


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