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301: The Easiest Last Day in ELA
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In search of something fun? This is where I recommend a very few products I love that can make your teacher life easier. Whether it’s great clothes delivered to your door to save you that trip to the mall, hook-your-readers book titles for your reading shelves, or helpful PD designed by some of my most-respected colleagues, this is a one-stop shop for the lovely extras that can make you smile. The links I share here are my affiliate links, which means that in making your purchase, you support my work here at Spark Creativity with no additional cost to you. I hope you know I only recommend what I really believe in. 

Not loving the schlep to the changing room, the whining toddler on your leg,or the fact that every time you go to the mall you end up buying something you don’t even like?
Yeah, me neither.

I love getting clothes delivered based on my size and style preferences, and I love that I can hop on the website anytime to choose items recommended just for me to have then send along (free returns). Want to build your teacher wardrobe with no weekends sacrificed? Use my link to get $25 off your first box.

So you never met a bookshop you didn’t want to pitch a tent in and stay for the weekend? I’m with you! But when life gets busy, it’s easy to lean on Amazon for all your bookish needs. But do you ever wish you could support small businesses instead of Amazon?

The cool thing about bookshop.org is that it provides a small and friendly alternative to Amazon. You can get books recommended by your favorite indie bookshops (or your favorite teacher blogger) and support a small business instead of a vast one. 

I used to comb the shelves of libraries and bookstores looking for PD books that would show me exactly what to do in class to light things up. But they were so hard to find. Jennifer Gonzalez’s Teacher Tech Guide is that rare golden apple.

I double dog dare you not to lose yourself in its pages, opening dozens of tabs and scrawling a page of notes about the many, many ways you want to use the ideas inside in your classes ASAP. 

A good planner gives you room to plan, but also to dream, to draw, to scrawl list after list after list and add plenty of stickers. I love custom designing an Erin Condren planner to keep track of my work and life. 

I like choosing the design and colors of the cover and the layout of the pages. I like the coordinating stickers in the back. I like the spiral binding and how easily it lays flat alongside my chai latte. I just don’t get sick of it!  

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