Expect Unexpected Engagement When you try Hexagonal Thinking in ELA


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As a new teacher, you are always working to stay one step ahead of your amazing, multi-faceted, brilliant (and just a tad bit judgmental) students. Every day is a new chance to add something to your teaching toolkit and every night it’s back to the drawing board to try to prepare something exciting for  the next day.

I remember it well. That’s why I’ve tried to gather some of the best posts for new teachers here on this page. That way you can find what will be most helpful for you as quickly as possible. Because there’s just no time to waste that first year! (Trust me, it does get easier.)

The New Teacher Series offers ideas for immediate use in the ELA classroom. If you’re looking for lesson plan inspiration, new pedagogies you can use right away, or quick tips to save time, this is a good series for you to take a look at. 

In The Ultimate Guide to ELA Discussions, I gathered together a range of strategies for warming up for discussions, holding discussions, and grading discussions. Since discussion is such a key element in the ELA classroom, hopefully this post will give you some immediate ideas for your lesson planning! 

Many teachers, new and experienced, struggle with how to help students engage during standardized testing. If you are wondering how on earth you can expect your students to do their best during one of the most boring days of their lives, this post might just help! 

Ethical AI PBL Unit

3 Weeks of Attendance Questions

Better Discussion Toolkit


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