Expect Unexpected Engagement When you try Hexagonal Thinking in ELA


301: The Easiest Last Day in ELA
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Check out these collections of popular episodes, or scroll down for the full library of episodes from seasons one through four. 

Ready to explore the full library? Below you’ll find links to the show notes and players for each episode. 
Season One
Episode #19: Show Notes Currently Unavailable

Episode #21: The Best Websites for ELA Teachers
Episode #22: 10 Books to Hook Readers
Episode #23: Discussion Warm-Ups
Episode #24: A Beginner’s Guide to Student Blogging
Episode #25: The Best of 2017
Episode #26: My Teacher Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Episode #27: Classroom Discussion Panels with Audience Tweeters
Episode #28: Creative Classroom Inroads with John Spencer
Episode #29: A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Abroad
Episode #30: The Simplest Method for One Pager Success
Episode #31: 3 Creative Classroom Strategies: Murder Mysteries, Ted Talks, SNL Clips
Episode #32: Shakespeare Activities for Any Play
Episode #33: Get Started with Genius Hour Now
Episode #34: 4 Ways to Integrate STEM into your ELA Classroom
Episode #35: Using Book Clubs Successfully
Episode #36: Host a Successful Class Play
Episode #37: 5 Ways to Cut Stress at the End of the Year
Episode #38: 10 Ways to Fill a Hole in your Curriculum
Episode #39: Using “The Ideal Week” to cut Overwhelm
Episode #40: Dream Classroom Elements

Season Two
Episode #41: Teacher Mindset & Happiness with Angela Watson
Episode #42: The Perfect Theater Project
Episode #43: Tips for New Teachers with Kristy Avis
Episode #44: 25 Creative Assessments for Any Novel
Episode #45: Memes, Interactive Notebooks, and YA with Tracee Orman
Episode #46: Sketchnotes are Awesome, with Mike Rohde
Episode #47: The Power of the Writing Makerspace, with Angela Stockman
Episode #48: Reading Program Accountability that doesn’t Ruin Everything
Episode #49: Take Flight with Google Classroom, with Matt Miller
Episode #50: The Power of Imperfect Action
Episode #51: Mock Trials, PAPA Squares and E-mail Etiquette with The Daring English Teacher
Episode #52: The Easy Guide to Blackout Poetry
Episode #53: How to Plan a Unit in 30 Minutes
Episode #54: Engaging Students in December, Winter Holiday Activities for ELA
Episode #55: Hyperdocs, Authentic Audience, and Screencastify with Kristy Louden
Episode #56: The Dos and Don’ts of Donors Choose for Teachers
Episode #57: Creative Tech Tools for ELA Teachers with Jennifer Gonzalez
Episode #58: How to Match Student Readers with Books they’ll Love
Episode #59: Maybe Teaching doesn’t have to be so Lonely
Episode #60: Students won’t read? Don’t care? One Year to Change That
Episode #61: Using Podcasts Successfully in ELA
Episode #62: When Students Choose their own Assessments, with David Rickert
Episode #63: Using Stations Creatively in ELA
Episode #64: A Beginner’s Guide to Writer’s Workshop, with Amanda Werner
Episode #65: Creative and Meaningful Final Exams
Episode #66: Diversifying our Booklists: More Voices, More Stories, More Understanding
Episode #67: Look Forward to Teaching Vocabulary

Season Three: 
Episode #68: Confronting Teacher Exhaustion, with Angela Watson
Episode #69: 40 Ways to Reduce your Grading Time
Episode #70: Help for Student Apathy, with Dave Stuart Jr. 
Episode #71: How to Talk about Equity and Inclusion, with Liz Kleinrock
Episode #72: Connecting your Classroom to the World
Episode #73: The Discussions you’ve Dreamed of – Harkness FAQs
Episode #74: Design Thinking Infographics Projects
Episode #75: 10 Review Activities for any Unit
Episode #76: This I Believe Writing Projects
Episode #77: Integrating the Arts & ELA, with Eileen Landay
Episode #78: First Chapter Fridays
Episode #79: Goodbye Data Hawks, Hello Innovation, with Ted Dintersmith
Episode #80: Let’s Teach Students how to Collaborate
Episode #81: Empowering Students with PBL
Episode #82: Innovative ELA Electives
Episode #83: Engage your Snapchatters with Booksnaps, featuring Tara Martin
Episode #84: These are a Few of my Favorite English Teacher Things
Episode #85: 5 ELA Teacher Tech Tools to Love
Episode #86: Take Action for Deeper Learning, with Sarah Fine
Episode #87: Easy Ways to use Hexagonal Thinking in ELA
Episode #88: Help for Teaching through Coronavirus Closings
Episode #89: Adventures at Home
Episode #90: Re-envisioning School after a Crisis, with Trace Pickering of Iowa Big
Episode #91: Taking School into the City, with Laura Deisley of Lab Atlanta
Episode #92: Distance Learning: A Creative End to the Year

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