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Season One
Episode #10: Creative Assessment
Episode #11: Classroom Mini-Flips
Episode #12 (Start of a 5 Episode Miniseries): Simple Systems for a Creative Classroom 
Episode #13 (Miniseries continues): Creative First Day of School Activities
Episode #14 (Miniseries continues): Creative Secondary Decor
Episode #15 (Miniseries continues): Building Professional Community
Episode #16 (Last in the Miniseries): ELA Maker Spaces
Episode #17: ELA Escape Rooms
Episode #18: Save Grading Time, My Favorite System
Episode #19: Show Notes Currently Unavailable
Episode #20: Giving Students Authentic Audiences for their Work
Episode #21: The Best Websites for ELA Teachers
Episode #22: 10 Books to Hook Readers
Episode #23: Discussion Warm-Ups
Episode #24: A Beginner’s Guide to Student Blogging
Episode #25: The Best of 2017
Episode #26: My Teacher Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Episode #27: Classroom Discussion Panels with Audience Tweeters
Episode #28: Creative Classroom Inroads with John Spencer
Episode #29: A Beginner’s Guide to Teaching Abroad
Episode #30: The Simplest Method for One Pager Success
Episode #31: 3 Creative Classroom Strategies: Murder Mysteries, Ted Talks, SNL Clips
Episode #32: Shakespeare Activities for Any Play
Episode #33: Get Started with Genius Hour Now
Episode #34: 4 Ways to Integrate STEM into your ELA Classroom
Episode #35: Using Book Clubs Successfully
Episode #36: Host a Successful Class Play
Episode #37: 5 Ways to Cut Stress at the End of the Year
Episode #38: 10 Ways to Fill a Hole in your Curriculum
Episode #39: Using “The Ideal Week” to cut Overwhelm
Episode #40: Dream Classroom Elements

Season Two
Episode #41: Teacher Mindset & Happiness with Angela Watson
Episode #42: The Perfect Theater Project
Episode #43: Tips for New Teachers with Kristy Avis
Episode #44: 25 Creative Assessments for Any Novel
Episode #45: Memes, Interactive Notebooks, and YA with Tracee Orman
Episode #46: Sketchnotes are Awesome, with Mike Rohde
Episode #47: The Power of the Writing Makerspace, with Angela Stockman
Episode #48: Reading Program Accountability that doesn’t Ruin Everything
Episode #49: Take Flight with Google Classroom, with Matt Miller
Episode #50: The Power of Imperfect Action
Episode #51: Mock Trials, PAPA Squares and E-mail Etiquette with The Daring English Teacher
Episode #52: The Easy Guide to Blackout Poetry
Episode #53: How to Plan a Unit in 30 Minutes
Episode #54: Engaging Students in December, Winter Holiday Activities for ELA
Episode #55: Hyperdocs, Authentic Audience, and Screencastify with Kristy Louden
Episode #56: The Dos and Don’ts of Donors Choose for Teachers
Episode #57: Creative Tech Tools for ELA Teachers with Jennifer Gonzalez
Episode #58: How to Match Student Readers with Books they’ll Love
Episode #59: Maybe Teaching doesn’t have to be so Lonely
Episode #60: Students won’t read? Don’t care? One Year to Change That
Episode #61: Using Podcasts Successfully in ELA
Episode #62: When Students Choose their own Assessments, with David Rickert
Episode #63: Using Stations Creatively in ELA
Episode #64: A Beginner’s Guide to Writer’s Workshop, with Amanda Werner
Episode #65: Creative and Meaningful Final Exams
Episode #66: Diversifying our Booklists: More Voices, More Stories, More Understanding
Episode #67: Look Forward to Teaching Vocabulary

Season Three
Episode #68: Confronting Teacher Exhaustion, with Angela Watson
Episode #69: 40 Ways to Reduce your Grading Time
Episode #70: Help for Student Apathy, with Dave Stuart Jr. 
Episode #71: How to Talk about Equity and Inclusion, with Liz Kleinrock
Episode #72: Connecting your Classroom to the World
Episode #73: The Discussions you’ve Dreamed of – Harkness FAQs
Episode #74: Design Thinking Infographics Projects
Episode #75: 10 Review Activities for any Unit
Episode #76: This I Believe Writing Projects
Episode #77: Integrating the Arts & ELA, with Eileen Landay
Episode #78: First Chapter Fridays
Episode #79: Goodbye Data Hawks, Hello Innovation, with Ted Dintersmith
Episode #80: Let’s Teach Students how to Collaborate
Episode #81: Empowering Students with PBL
Episode #82: Innovative ELA Electives
Episode #83: Engage your Snapchatters with Booksnaps, featuring Tara Martin
Episode #84: These are a Few of my Favorite English Teacher Things
Episode #85: 5 ELA Teacher Tech Tools to Love
Episode #86: Take Action for Deeper Learning, with Sarah Fine
Episode #87: Easy Ways to use Hexagonal Thinking in ELA
Episode #88: Help for Teaching through Coronavirus Closings
Episode #89: Adventures at Home
Episode #90: Re-envisioning School after a Crisis, with Trace Pickering of Iowa Big
Episode #91: Taking School into the City, with Laura Deisley of Lab Atlanta
Episode #92: Distance Learning: A Creative End to the Year

Season Four 
Episode #93: A Plan for your First Fall Unit (Unknowns and All)
Episode #94: Project Lit, Sketchnotes, and Classroom Design with Laquisha Hall
Episode #95: Remote Teaching: Grading, Discussion, and Building Community
Episode #96: Summer Priorities in the Face of Fall Uncertainties, with Angela Watson
Episode #97: A Flexible Plan for Blended Learning
Episode #98: 5 Flexible Units for Fall
Episode #99: How to get your Students Listening to Podcasts
Episode #100: How to run a Virtual First Chapter Friday Program
Episode #101: How to Run Virtual Literature Circles
Episode #102: Taking your Literary Food Truck Festival Digital
Episode #103: Off-Screen Activities for Remote Learning in ELA
Episode #104: Create a Hyperdoc in 6 Easy Steps
Episode #105: How to Creatively Use T.V. Clips in ELA
Episode #106: Doing a Podcast Project? Let me be your Guest Speaker
Episode #107: Virtual Discussion Problems? Try This. 
Episode #108: Try a Virtual Travel Research Project
Episode #109: How to Create Digital Magnetic Poetry Activities
Episode #110: Take your Writing Workshop Digital, with Amanda Werner
Episode #111: Creative Uses for Jamboard, with Matt Miller
Episode #112: The Creative English Teacher’s Gift Guide
Episode #113: Breakout Rooms, Building Community, & Grading Policies in Remote Teaching
Episode #114: Easily Reduce your Digital Paper Pile
Episode #115: 5 Creative Digital Poetry Activities
Episode #116: Connect with your Students as 2021 Begins
Episode #117: 10 Ways to Encourage a Reading Culture in your (Online) Classroom
Episode #118: Big Ideas for Better Writing Instruction, with EB Academics
Episode #119: 5 Creative Ways to use QR Codes in ELA
Episode #120: Collegiate High School’s Digital Literary Food Truck Festival

Season 5
121: When Lit Circles Work
122: The Ultimate Guide to Genius Hour in ELA
123: Creative Blended Learning
124: 6 Free Canva Tools for Teachers
125: How to Start a Writing Makerspace
126: 5 Ways to Use your Writing Makerspace
127: How to Create a Hexagonal Thinking Deck
128: Take your Hexagonal Thinking Activities Deeper
129: Try Hexagonal One-Pagers
130: Build Connection with your Classroom Design
131: Help for Integrating SEL
132: A Case Study in Successful Student Podcasting
133: Body Biographies and Digital Escape Rooms
134: Creative Escape Rooms without the Fuss

Season Six

Episode #135: When Students Design Escape Rooms

Episode #136: Creative Real-World Research Projects in ELA

Episode #137: Creative Activities to Pair with Any Novel

Episode #138: Hexagonal Thinking with Brave New Teaching (Bonus Episode)

Episode #139: We Moved to Bratislava, Here’s what it’s Like

Episode #140: Every Student can Sketchnote, with Sylvia Duckworth

Episode #141: Setting up your ELA Classroom Library

Episode #142: Choice Reading: Building a Reading Culture

Episode #143: What We Can Do about Teacher Demoralization, with Doris Santoro

Episode #144: 3 Flexible ELA Units for an Omicron Winter

Episode #145: Teaching Annotation just got Fun

Episode #146: Authentic Audiences aren’t Hard to Find

Episode #147: 6 Fresh Ideas for your Writing Program

Episode #148: The Power of Children’s Books for Older Kids, with Pernille Ripp

Episode #149: Two Inspiring Children’s Book Projects, with Pernille Ripp

Episode #150: A Quiet Revolution in Reading and Writing, with Penny Kittle

Episode #151: Here’s the Teacher Tech that Actually Helps, with Jennifer Gonzalez

Episode #152: 5 Class Podcast Projects for ELA

Episode #153: 6 Powerful Mentor Texts for Secondary ELA

Episode #154: Colorful Vocabulary Activities: Story Tiles, Wordy Decor & More

Episode #155: 21 Creative ELA Lessons you can use Immediately

Episode #156: How to Teach Living Poets, with Mel Smith

Episode #157: Designing Back-to-School for Belonging, with Dr. Susie Wise

Episode #158: How to Create a Successful International Classroom Partnership

Episode #159: 3 Creative Ways to Teach Varied Sentence Structure

Episode #160: The College Essay: What Students (and Teachers) Need to Know

Episode #161: The Ultimate Guide to First Chapter Friday

Episode #162: Active Teaching: 10 Out-of-their-Seats Activities

Episode #163: Case Study: A Meaningful 21st Century Research Project

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