Expect Unexpected Engagement When you try Hexagonal Thinking in ELA


290: Try this Hack to Teach Varied Sentence Structure
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Thank you so much for thinking about reviewing my podcast. The purpose of this page is to provide you with helpful information and graphics to make it easier for you to review the show as part of your summer content, should you choose to do so. I’d also be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact me at betsy@nowsparkcreativity.com. 

Links for the first three episodes (in each link you’ll find brief show notes and a player for the episode. You could also subscribe to the show on iTunes if you prefer to listen there).

Episode #1: Using Showcase Projects to Increase Student Engagement
Episode #2: 3 Easy Strategies for Differentiation
Episode #3: Creating a Free Choice Reading Program 

Background on Betsy Potash, the Podcaster (that’s me!): After teaching ELA for almost a decade across all the high school levels both in the United States and abroad, Betsy Potash now works as an education blogger, writer, and curriculum designer. She writes the blog Spark Creativity (nowsparkcreativity.com) and has also written for We Are Teachers, Independent School Magazine, readwritethink.org, Reading Today, English Journal, Classroom Notes Plus, and more. You can find out more about Betsy here.

About the Podcast: This podcast is designed to fit smoothly into a busy teacher’s day. Each 15-20 minute episode features a creative teaching strategy set or idea that a teacher can listen to while getting ready for school, going on a run, or driving home from work. The intention is to give practical, quickly applicable ideas for teaching more creatively. While the general target audience is ELA teachers 6-12, many episodes could apply to across the disciplines.

Why I Started this Podcast: Last spring I took a course when there clearly wasn’t time in my life for it. I had two children under five, a part time job, and I was trying to start my own business. I barely had a free minute but I was deeply interested in the material. The teacher recorded every lesson in audio format, and I listened during workouts, while brushing my teeth and hair, in my car, and at the grocery store. It would have been almost impossible for me to complete the work without these audios, and I was so grateful for them! It made me want to share my best ideas for teachers through a podcast, so I can give them the wonderful experience of finding professional development in the midst of whatever chaos (or peace) life presents.

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Ethical AI PBL Unit

3 Weeks of Attendance Questions

Better Discussion Toolkit


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