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The first TPT Day of Giving will take place on September 27th, 2018.  TPT Authors are coming together to make a change, donating 100% of their profits on this special day to the charities of their choice. Below you will find a video explaining how this day got started, a list of the participating stores organized by type of products for easy navigation, introductions to a few of the authors and the charities they are passionate about, and a growing list of the charities we plan to support.

On this special day, you can get what you need for your classroom AND make a wider difference to the world. It’s a win-win.

You can also discover more about the participating stores and the curriculum sets they recommend by searching the hashtag #tptdayofgiving on Instagram and checking out the posts and stories you find.

Who We Are: Participating Stores 

Elementary School Stores

Rainbow City Learning
Bestseller: Close Reading in Math for Any Story Problem

School and the City
Bestseller: Reading Strategy Checklist: Guided Reading Level Skills

Chick on the Run
Bestseller: Where Are We? Door Sign

Carly and Adam
Bestseller: Water Bottle Flipping Stem Challenges

Tessa Maguire
Bestseller: Open-Ended Questions for 2nd Grade: Restating the Question

Mrs. Daleo’s Kindergarten STEM Class
Bestseller: Science Experiment: Cloud in a Jar

Caffeine Queen Teacher (and some middle school – math)
Bestseller: Two Digit Multiplication Worksheets and Organizers

Pirate Girls’ Education Invasion
Bestseller: Books of the Bible Game Pack (Old and New Testament)

Primary Planet by Hilary Gard
Bestseller: Picture Writing Prompts Anytime

Double Dose of Learning
Bestseller: Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters (MEGA) Unit Bundle with 6 PowerPoints

K’s Classroom Kreations 
Bestseller: Types of Sentences Punctuation Literacy Center

School and the City
Bestseller: Reading Strategy Checklist – Guided Reading Level Skills

Mrs. Wilser Whale Tales
Bestseller: Math Rubric for Inverted Workshop

Mr. Mault’s Marketplace
Bestseller: Classroom Escape Room: Mission Math (Differentiated for Grades 2-5)

Mandy Gregory
Bestseller: Adding on an Open Number Line

The Elementary Darling
Bestseller: Animal Me: A writing and craft activity

The Designer Teacher
Bestseller: Growth Mindset Cactus Bulletin Board | Back to School Bulletin Board

Angela Linzay
Bestseller: Editable First Day of School / Back to School Sign

True Life I’m a Teacher
Bestseller: Editable Open House Stations and Forms

Bestseller: Text Detectives – Find the Text Evidence! January Edition

Bestseller: Balto and the Great Race Book Study

Bestseller: Informational Text: Animals | Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

Tiny Roots Co.
Bestseller: Literary Techniques Organizers | Grades 3-5 | Figurative Language Tools

Tried and True Teaching Tools
Bestseller: The Important Thing about California Regions

Brenda Kovich
Bestseller: Theme Unit – 2 Powerful Ways to Help Kids Understand the Author’s Message

Late Primary / Middle School Multiple Disciplines

Samson’s Shoppe
Bestseller: 13 Colonies Editable Scavenger Hunt Review Activity

Prickly Pear Puzzles
Bestseller: Memory Cube for the End of the Year

The Differentiation Shop
Bestseller: Rounding Decimals Bingo Game

Bestseller: Plant Classification 

Smith Curriculum and Consulting
Bestseller: Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Flippable – Rational Numbers

Secondary ELA

Nouvelle ELA
Bestseller: Back to School Escape Room (Editable for any Subject Area)

Teach BeTween the Lines
Bestseller: Tone and Mood in Literature BUNDLE + Connotation & Denotation, Digital/Print

Spark Creativity
Bestseller: One-Pagers, Four Template Packet

Engaging and Effective
Bestseller: Hilarious Ted Talks Bundle

Darlene Ann
Bestseller: Escape Room ELA Escape the School : Comprehension and Writing Activity

Study all Knight
Bestseller: Wonder Novel Study, Workbook, Flipbook and for Google Drive Literature Guide

Literature Daydreams
Bestseller: Short Story Unit Ruthless by William de Mille

Mixed-Up Files
Bestseller: Parts of Speech Interactive Notebook

Distinguished English
Bestseller: Vocabulary Games for ANY Word its and Multiple Learning Styles

Secondary Strategies
Bestseller: Making Inferences with Two Sentence Stories

The Bespoke ELA Classroom
Bestseller: 30 Mentor Sentences for Literary & Rhetorical Devices with Writing Revision

Secondary Science

The Lab
Bestseller: Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions Stations

Secondary History

History Gal
Bestseller: Hammurabi’s Court (a fun and engaging activity to interpret Hammurabi’s Code)

Secondary Math

Jean Adams Flamingo Math
Bestseller: PreCalculus-Algebra 2: Graphing Trigonometric Function Activity 

Math Through Discovery LLC
Bestseller: Translation Worksheet

Computer Lab Resources

Lab Llama
Bestseller: Kinder Keyboard Camp: Complete Collection

The Arts

Music Mom
Bestseller: Music Dynamics: Parking Dynamics

Melody Payne
Bestseller: Growth Mindset Posters {36 8.5X11 Watercolor Signs: Classroom Decor}

Behavior Resources

Allie Szczecinski with Miss Behavior
Bestseller: Emotional Regulation Activities | Self Regulation Activities

(Growing) List of Charities We will Support:

Below, discover why some of our participants are choosing to support their charities.
“I’ll be donating to American Childhood Cancer Organization. I’m a survivor of stage 4 neuroblastoma, and September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. I love being able to give back to the childhood cancer community.”
“I am contributing to the National MS Society because I have watched my sister suffer and decline from this horrible autoimmune disease. I would love to see research stepped up on eradicating MS in my lifetime.” 
“I love that St. Jude Children’s Hospital helps families who are in crisis. Children have a very special place in my heart as a mom and a teacher. I want to continue to help families afford high-quality medical care for their sweet angels.”
“I’m supporting the Karam Foundation because they’re working to close the education gap among Syrian refugee teens. This organization has a community center, The Karam House, that provides education and mentorship for this at-risk community, including technology skills and leadership training. This is an awesome opportunity to support worldwide educational endeavors.”

“The charity I have chosen is NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness. This amazing foundation helps support those struggling with mental health issues, and has been particularly helpful to my own teenage daughter. My daughter, Madison, struggled with depression and severe anxiety. She struggled with thoughts of suicide, and the NAMI national helpline saved her life. They supported her through the crisis situations that I did not see. I knew she was struggling, but so often parents and teachers don’t know the depths of a child’s inner crisis. This helpline, the programs they support, and the funding they provide to schools and local facilities are so important. This is a worthwhile charity that deserves support – their work literally saves lives. “

“We are supporting Opportunity Village in Las Vegas. Opportunity Village believes that people with intellectual disabilities and their families should have choices in where and how they are served. So, Opportunity Village provides a variety of different programs which provide men and women with all levels of disabilities the chance to lead a life that had been previously unattainable. They train, place and supervise people with intellectual disabilities in all sorts of jobs at locations throughout Southern Nevada.”

“Mental illness affects us all, including many of the young children in our classrooms. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is committed to scientific research to alleviate suffering caused by mental illness. 100% of all donations goes directly to research.”

“On the Day of Giving, I’ll be supporting Habitat for Humanity. Why? I believe everyone deserves a chance at affordable housing.”

“The Hill Country Crisis Council is dedicated to stopping the cycle of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse through education, intervention and assistance. They have an emergency shelter, a children’s advocacy center, prevention program in area schools, counseling and advocacy services, hospital accompaniment as well as working with area law enforcement and district courts to provide justice to victims.”

“It’s appalling that nearly one billion people around the world have limited access to clean, drinkable water and that nearly 5,000 children die each day from preventable water and sanitation related illnesses. The book, The Water Princess, written by Susan Verde and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, inspired us to support the work of the Ryan’s Well Foundation working in developing countries with local partners to provide access to clean water and sanitation and hygiene education. And we’re inviting you to be part of the change!” 

Ethical AI PBL Unit

3 Weeks of Attendance Questions

Better Discussion Toolkit


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