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It’s hard closing out the year digitally. No chance for those last meaningful goodbye classes, or to slip a card into your seniors’ hands as they walk out. This is really hard.

You’d like to connect and say a real goodbye, I know. I wanted to think of something I could share with you that would make it easier. So I thought, what if you could give students a gift that would stick with them? Inspiration for years to come as readers?
So I created these “TBR” List templates. You can use them to create personalized booklists for your classes, or even for individual students. You can print and send to a few students, or send them digitally to large groups. You can add your favorite books or books you think certain students would love, but you can also give students a blank copy they can add to over the summer, and in the years to come.
Not to mention, you can use these again next year when you ramp up your reading program! Wouldn’t it be fun to cover a wall with these and let students add to them all year long, then take them for inspiration when they finish the year?
Here’s what they look like when you print them out and add titles yourself: 

And here’s what they look like in their editable version on Google Drive. You can just click the text and add your own favorite titles, then leave any type of message you want at the bottom.

I can send these straight to your inbox when you sign up for my Friday emails below. You’ll hear from me about once a week with teaching ideas, new podcasts, curriculum and fun freebies like these. 

I hope you enjoy these, and that they help you say a meaningful goodbye to your students at the end of this difficult year.

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