Free Hexagonal Thinking Digital Toolkit

Hexagonal thinking is SUCH a fun way to get kids using their critical thinking skills. You can have students do it alone, with a partner, or with a small group. The steps are simple.

1. Students look at the different terms and think about how best to connect them. Since each hexagon has six terms, each term can connect to up to six others. There are MANY “right” answers! 

2. Students discuss and move the hexagons until they get them into the order they want. 

3. Students explain several of their key connections. This can be done in writing, by recording their voices in a tool like Flipgrid, or by presenting back to the class on video conference or live. 

Hexagonal thinking is fun with paper hexagons, but it’s also wonderful online with the right set-up. That’s why I’ve made you this free hexagonal thinking digital toolkit. It has complete student instructions to make the process simple for you kids, multiple examples you can show for clarity, and three beautiful templates you can plug and play anytime. 

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