The Best Free Posters for your Classroom

Lately I keep finding lovely free posters around the web. It made me wonder, is your classroom space on your mind now? It is July after all, the month before the month when you can probably get in there and start working your magic.

So here are some options you might want to consider for your walls. Before you get printing, let me make two suggestions.

First off, consider picking up card stock for printing your posters, it makes a huge difference.

Second, if you’re looking for your posters to last all year, consider picking up some cheap black frames like these (the ones I always get) so they’re protected and you can hang them with longer-lasting Command strips instead of tape.

#1 The Great American Read

PBS’s travel posters for various great novels are stunning. And this is just a sample! They’ve also got hilarious memes and book facts you could print for bulletin boards. You’ve GOT to go check them out. You could probably cover a whole wall just in PBS chic. 

Amplifier Art not only has an incredible selection of posters available to download and print for free, but you can sign up for their educator network and receive access to free lesson plans and projects related to their work. I am really impressed by what they’re doing, and I think you will be too.

#3 We are Teachers Downloads

We are Teachers puts out a lot of free printable sets. You can get this poster as shown, or check out their whole line of ELA-related printables. 
Teaching Tolerance has a huge set of downloadable PDFs featuring diversity and inclusion quotations and beautiful artwork. 

There is soooo much great sharing going on in the files section of my Facebook group, Creative High School English! I just put the growth mindset posters above there, and teachers are constantly sharing great activities and handouts inside. So you should scoot over and join if you haven’t already, and if have already joined, don’t forget to check out the files section once in a while. The posters above (and the rest of the set that goes with them) are just labeled “posters” with an upload date of June 23.

I hope you’ve found some new classroom decor you love! What are your favorite sources for free posters? I hope you’ll share them in the comments below and keep this conversation going.

Looking for more creative classroom inspiration? Try the Ed Deck! With 41 cards full of creative strategies for tomorrow, lesson planning is about to get a whole lot easier. Check it out HERE. 



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