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#Bookface is Well Worth a Look

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You know how we feel here at Spark Creativity about Book PR. Basically it’s the best. We’re all about bookish posters, displays, podcasts, guest readers, First Chapter Fridays, book trailer Tuesdays, and book tastings. If it helps kids get excited about books, we’re all in! Recently I saw a lovely post over in my Creative High School English Facebook group from a teacher who hosted a Bookface competition, and it reminded me of just how much I love this idea! Bookface isn’t new, but there’s a reason it keeps on resurfacing. It’s amazing! So in this quick episode, let’s dive into what Bookface is and how you might use it as a vehicle for building reading enthusiasm. Of course, it’s a fun visual strategy, so I hope you’ll take a look at the show notes to see the examples I’ve created for you to share with your students as well.

You can listen in to episode 271 below, click here to tune in on any podcast player, or read on for the full post.

What is #BookFace?

Whoever thought this one up had some serious bookish flair! To create a #bookface picture, you need a partner to model, a book with a photo on the cover, and some serious creativity. The idea is to line up the book in the foreground of the photo such that the book appears to be part of the face of the model. Or the model appears to be part of the book. Whichever way you want to look at it – you get the idea.

There are a few elements to consider. Lining up the facial features is huge, but accessories, background, and overall color scheme also play a huge role! It’s super fun to try to make them, and boy do they POP when you get it right.

How can you teach Students to create #Bookface Images?

So how can you quickly and easily galvanize your students to snap #bookface images you can share in fun ways around your classroom or school? Don’t worry, I made a guide for them (you can snag it free here). Print this guide in color and laminate it for your classroom or school library or to go near a display of #bookface images, send it out digitally as part of a school-wide challenge, or photocopy it for students.

It walks them through three simple steps, with five models to help them see it for themselves.

Steps to a Successful #Bookface Image

Step One: Find a book with a person on the cover.

Step Two: Get creative. How can you and a friend mimic the cover’s look? Consider the person’s clothes and accessories, the image behind the person on the cover, the overall color scheme, etc.

Step Three: Hold the book up in the foreground of your picture so it lines up with part or all of your model’s face. Then click!


Ways to Integrate #Bookface in your Reading Program

There are so many ways to integrate this activity into your reading program.

You could coordinate with your school librarian to hold a contest or challenge, posting entries in a display and maybe even letting people vote for their favorites.

You could take a leaf out of the old “READ” poster campaign and invite faculty members to create #bookface images that can be displayed around the school. Setting these up and snapping the photos could make a fun 15 minute bonding break during a faculty meeting!

You could have your students reach out to the local public library and see if they would like to collaborate on a citywide challenge to be coordinated by your classes.

You could keep it simple as a little early finisher or extra credit activity.

Or you could even use it as an activity on one of those weird in-between days – like on a short day after testing, on Homecoming, or the day before a vacation when no one can really settle to anything.


Time to Try #Bookface!

However you use it, I think you’re going to love this easy win for reading P.R. #Bookface images are a blast to design and even more fun to display.

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