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Mastering Zoom Backgrounds for Class

Distance learning is no picnic, I think we can all agree. Especially in such crazy circumstances. So whenever it’s possible to add a little fun, I’m all for it! I love how the world is experimenting with Zoom virtual backgrounds, and I wanted to share some fun tips for you if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Basically, any photo can be turned into a Zoom background, as long as it’s the right size. And Canva has a free tool that allows you to drop your photo into a Zoom template and size it to work, then add any text or overlays you want. It’s really easy! I made four experimental Zoom backgrounds, and it took me about five minutes.

Here they are:

I grabbed all these photos from the free photo source, Pixabay, and then added overlay text to make them fit for a lesson on Greek mythology, a check in about independent reading, a class covering a play, or a discussion-based class. You could save these to your computer to use, or choose your own photos and add your own text.

If you’re not sure how to add a background while you’re in Zoom, here’s their how-to tutorial:

I like their tip about wearing something that stands out, and maybe filming in front of an empty-ish wall. Don’t worry about a green screen – who the heck has one of those lying around at home? (Though if you do, that’s amazing. Go with it.)

Here are a few of the fun types of templates waiting over at Canva:

If you want to skip Canva and just find fun photos for your background, here are a few of my favorites from Pixabay (and Unsplash). Just be sure you resize your selection to a 16:9 ratio if you want them to fit the virtual background.

#1: Library Love

#2: Who doesn’t want to have class in Diagon Alley?
#3 For Drama
#4 Coffee Shop Vibes
#5 More Coffee Shop Vibes (I really miss coffee shops)
Flexible Seating, from Pixabay
#6 For Transcendentalism or Environmental Lit

#7 For Travel Lit or Greek Mythology

#8 Shakespeare Fun

From Pixabay

I hope you’re inspired to go experiment at Canva and search around on Pixabay for a few minutes! It’ll take a couple of go-rounds to get the hang of this, but once you do, won’t it be fun?!

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