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Easy Digital Sub Plans for Creative ELA

Need a quick activity your sub can do this spring? Here are three straightforward options.

#1 Digital “Magnetic” Tiles for Poetry

I’ve been hearing from so many teachers this year that this digital activity is fun, effective, and easy to roll out. In fact, since I first made the free gratitude kit back in November, I’ve had so many requests that I’ve also made themed kits for winter, education, love and spring.  

For this digital poetry activity, kids drag and drop words around on a fun background, then delete everything that’s left to produce a beautiful poetry slide. 

You can sign up below for the free gratitude kit (and to get my weekly emails), or read up on how to make your own digital poetry tiles in this post. 

#2 Read Aloud Day

Want to get your students excited about all the great options in your classroom library or local e-library? Pick out some of the wonderful first chapters available free online for your sub to play for your students. You’ll find eleven great options in this post. You can have students rank what they hear and jot notes down on why/if they might want to read it in the future, or have them sketchnote as they listen if you choose one longer first chapter to play for them (grab my free sketchnotes template pack here). 

#3 Plug into Podcasts

Podcasts are an easy and awesome digital text you can draw on anytime. How I built This, This American Life, Serial, Radiolab, School of Greatness, and many other engaging shows are just a button click (or QR code scan away). In the photo below, you can see some of my favorite shows, or you can pick up this kit here on TPT.  
If you create a menu for students, then the sub can provide the menu, and kids can choose one they enjoy to listen to at home or in the classroom with headphones. You might wish to connect a short writing practice to their listening, have them create sketchnotes as they listen, or have them brainstorm about a podcast they could create with a similar structure or themes. 

The great thing about all three of these plans is that you can use them as go-tos with any class, at any time of the year. Once you get into digital poetry tiles, read alouds, and podcasts, they all make for easy sub plans that can be repeated whenever the unexpected occurs and you need a day away from your class. 

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